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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Why Bookstores are Dying.....

You know, I did an experiment the other day. I decided to go to two large chain bookstores during the lunch hour rush. I walked in, hung out around the front of the store for a while, passed a few people and not once was I greeted or asked if I needed any help. Then I walked on and found a lot of books and movies (that I had seen at other stores) that were three times the price. After walking around some more, I looked everywhere for a "local author" or an "indie authors" section... There was none in either stores. After thirty minutes walking aimlessly around the stores, I was not greeted once, nor did I find any signs for "Indiana authors" or any marketing for any local authors. They are missing a huge market here. The "buy local" movement is in full force and only getting stronger. It pains me to say that if these chain bookstores don't start paying attention to the consumer and their wants and needs, then they're going to lose a huge market.